50/50 Mealworm and Suet Pack

50/50 Mealworm and Suet Pack

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This 50/50 pack consists of 500g of Dried Mealworms and 500g of Insect Suet Pellets

Mealworms are packed with protein which is an essential nutrient for garden birds throughout the year. In spring, finding a home, building a nest, laying eggs and caring for young, all put tremendous demands on parent birds. And in winter it is more difficult for them to actually find natural sources of protein-rich caterpillars, bugs and worms. You can do your bit to help by providing a reliable source of protein-rich food such as dried mealworms.

Suet pellets are packed with high energy ingredients to provide your garden birds with a vital energy boost.

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Dried Mealworms are welcomed by a variety of species in your garden and contain all the protein without the wriggle - perfect if you find handling live foods difficult. One species that will be really appreciative (and could be renamed the 'mealworm gourmet') is the Robin.

As well as being important to the survival of birds (particularly young chicks), protein-rich foods, such as mealworms, will benefit a wide range of species. They are attractive and nutritious to many other garden visitors.

This pack is perfect for attracting a range of birds.

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