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Quality wild bird food and much more…

CJ Wildlife offer a wide variety of high-quality products for garden birds, hedgehogs, squirrels, bats and insects.

All our products are delivered direct to your door to help you create the perfect wildlife garden, from bird food and wildlife friendly perennial plants to informative books and identification charts. For more information, visit the About Us page.

The majority of our wild bird foods and wildlife foods are packed at our Shropshire farm including Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts and Nyjer Seed. We also manufacture our own bird seed mixes, such as our Hi-Energy No Mess, using only the highest quality ingredients.

In addition to our foods, we also manufacture and supply our own nest boxes/bird boxes, hedgehog houses, squirrel houses and frog bunkers, as well as insect habitats and bat boxes. Wherever possible, our wooden products are manufactured using FSC® certified wood.

All of our products have a 14 day returns policy. We have a wide range of multi-buy and bulk buy discounts across our range, so you can order more for less.

Featured News

  • Helping Birds in Small Spaces

    Urbanisation is making it increasingly difficult for birds to find sufficient natural food, with gardens adopting hard landscaping such as decking or car parking and green spaces being given over to development. Many new build estates are smaller than they were 20 years ago so the size of our gardens is also reducing, but it’s quite easy to use your garden to help the birds, even if you only have a small space, or even just a balcony.

  • New to Bird Feeding

    As you can see from our website we offer a vast range of bird foods and as a general rule, the more varieties of foods you offer in feeders, on tables and simply scattered on the ground, the more species you are likely to attract. However, some are more widely enjoyed than others and are excellent to get you started.

  • Choosing Your Bird Feeders

    The ideal feeding place meets a number of criteria. These are generally related to hygiene and safety for the birds. For example, place feeding tables at a distance from bushes, this way predators cannot wait for the birds. It’s also important to ensure feeding systems are cleaned regularly.