Bee on Flower

About our plants

Growing Fields in Holland

Grown in a country known for flowers

The plants in our range are shipped from our own growing fields in Holland, a country that is renowned worldwide for it's incredible tulip fields and ideal growing climate.  All our plant packaging is tailored to the plant species, so they arrive in the best possible condition. We also give our plants a final watering when they arrive in the UK, before they leave in preparation for their final leg of the journey to you!

Planet Proof

On our way to planet proof

Nature is at the heart of everything we do. So we're taking steps as an organisation to ensure we operate in a sustainable way. Many of our plant products have the 'On The Way To PlanetProof' logo. This shows that this product has been created sustainably, so will have a positive impact on nature, wildlife and the environment.

Red Scabious

Hand-picked for wildlife

Our range consists of flowers that attract insects such as butterflies, bumblebees and bees, providing sources of nectar and pollen. Whilst our dense shrubs and climbing plants are ideal for birds and hedgehogs, who can shelter and nest. We also stock lots of lovely fruit and nut plants - a buffet for birds!

What to do when your plant order arrives

  • Check the contents
    Unpack your plant from the delivery when it arrives and pop them outside in the sunshine. Give them a water and leave them outside until you're ready to plant. This will give them time to acclimatise after being in transit.
  • We recommend planting straight away
    For best results, it is best to plant your purchases straight away. If you are unable to plant straight into the garden, we've got some tips to make sure you're storing plants correctly.
  • Removing plants from their pots
    If you can't get the plant out of the pot properly, cut the pot instead so it slips out. To promote regrowth, it is important that the roots are nice and loose. Give the root ball a good squeeze a few times before planting it, then press down firmly around the plant after planting. Water the plant straight away and keep it topped up!

Not planting straight way? Here are some storage tips...

  1. Open the plant packaging and put them in a dry, frost-free place.
  2. Keep potted plants in a cool, light area and give an initial watering. Do not put them in full sun.
  3. Some (fruit) shrubs, trees and conifers without a straw cap enclosure are packed in a plastic bag. Keep the plastic bag closed around these. Put it all away in a cool, bright place, avoiding too much sunlight.
  4. Store woody plants with straw cap enclosure (shrubs and conifers) in a cool, light place before planting. Make sure they do not dry out so water them or dip them in a bucket of water.
  5. Place the roots of roses and ornamental shrubs without a root ball in a ball of ground rye straw to prevent them from drying out.
  6. The following applies to all plants, shrubs and roses: never plant when it is freezing! Always keep them in a frost-free place.
  7. If you need to kjeep your new plant purchases outdoors for more than a few days, then provide extra protection for woody crops. The best way to do this is to pit them: dig a ditch and place planks in it at an angle. Use the excavated soil as a support. Pour water over the roots and close the ditch.
  8. Do you keep your crops in a shed or garage? Then place evergreen shrubs and conifers in a shady spot. Leave the roots packed until actually planted. Plants without a root ball or leaves can be placed on the ground and covered with damp cloths or bags.

What will the plant look like when I receive it?

Sleeping plants

We let our plants sleep...

Most of the plants you receive are actually in a dormant state – basically they’re sleeping! So it won’t be in bloom and might not be looking it’s best. The reason we send our plants out like this is because they can handle being handled in this state, less so when they’re in bloom. By resting, they can also handle the journey from field to your home. If necessary, we do extend the rest period by keeping the plants for longer at a lower temperature.


Let the roots do their job!

The plant part above the soil might not look very beautiful yet, but underneath it all, the roots will be doing their job by growing your plant and slowly blossoming into a gorgeous flower in the coming season! In the spring and summer there may be a chance that you’ll receive some plants in bloom. These first flowers may wither during transport, but as soon as it is planted in the ground, given some TLC and establishes its roots, it’ll soon flower. So just a heads up you may not get as many flowers in the plant in the first year!

Check your roots

Back to your roots

The quality of the plant depends on the roots. To check out your roots, take your plant pot and turn it over. Tap the bottom several times to loosen the root ball (the mass of roots at the bottom of your plant). Gently pull on the pot so that the root ball comes out gently. If you start planting immediately, you don’t need to put the root ball back in the pot, but it’s good to check whether the roots hold together well. This is because the stronger the roots, the stronger the plant! A plant with a well-rooted root ball means it's good quality, and can make a big difference to your blooming plant.

Plant Guarantee

Our Plant Guarantee

We only supply 100% quality plants from our own fields and offer you 100% growth guarantee on all your plant purchases for 2 months. Because you'll receive your plants asleep, please remember it will take a few weeks before they wake up again!