Bee Hotel Ustica

SKU: 92120
Bee Hotel Ustica
SKU: 92120
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Bee habitats help our struggling bees to nest which is essential for a healthy balanced ecosystem. The new Ustica Bee Hotel is tailored to their natural nesting requirements featuring three sections of drilled holes in an attractive housing.

Bees use our bee hotels in the most wonderful way for their continued life cycle. Bees first collect pollen and deposit it in the drilled holes. When they have collected enough, the queen bee lays an egg and covers the cell with a resin layer, before starting the process again with another breeding cell. When the eggs hatch, the pollen provides food for the young bee who then works its way out and flies away.

Position the Ustica Bee Hotel a sunny spot, preferably near pollen-rich flowering plants. Check our website for our extensive collection of plants that attract bees and other pollinating insects.