The Beautiful Bee Border

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How to plant your wildlife border

Creating a base for wildlife using our border packs in your own back garden is easy, just stick with us and we’ll show you the ropes with our handy gardening guide.

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The Beautiful Bee Border
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  • Brilliant for bees - these products were chosen by wildlife specialists
  • No risk planting - free returns guarantee
  • 3 metres x 1 metre - use the guide in the description for easy planting!

The Bee Friendly Garden is the perfect way to instantly transform your garden by gifting part of it to nature’s most important pollinators. It has been designed by our wildlife experts and contains a wonderful array of flowers and products which complement each other. The selected flowers are vibrant and specifically chosen because they are easy to plant and provide copious amounts of nectar. With two eco-friendly bee hotel Pantelleria’s and the incredible Alboran Insect Hotel, there will be plenty of shelter in your garden for the bees that flock to your lovely flowers!

The flowers in this garden are:
8 x Lesser Calamint: This bushy calamint is a sun-loving perennial which are great at attracting butterflies and bees.
4 x White Coneflower: Bees will love the exposed flower head as well as the beautiful white halo surrounding it. This plant will flower between July and September.
8 x Pink Lavender - Great for honeybees and bumblees in the summer and a tasty autumn treat for birds!
8 x East Friesland: This is an award-winning plant, winning the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. It is a lovely wild sage plant with violet-blue flowers that are appreciated by bees.
8 x Alchemilla Mollis 'Ladys Mantle': There’s a reason the beautiful bright yellow-green flowers from Lady’s mantle are often used in bouquets. This herbaceous plant is known in Latin as Alchemilla Mollis and it great at the edge of a border or even in a pot on your balcony or patio.
4 x Soapwart: This easy to grow perennial plant are great for attracting butterflies and bloom from midsummer to autumn.

All you need to do is designate a 3 x 1 metre part of your garden to the border and fill it with your own compost. We will deliver the products to your door!

We have made a handy guide to help you plant your border HERE >


Your Bundle Contains:

  • East Friesland - 9cm pot 8 of East Friesland - 9cm pot
  • Pink Lavender 8 of Pink Lavender
  • Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle 8 of Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle
  • Alboran Insect Hotel 1 of Alboran Insect Hotel
  • Soapwart 4 of Soapwart
  • Lesser Calamint 8 of Lesser Calamint
  • White Coneflower 4 of White Coneflower
  • Bee Hotel Pantelleria 2 of Bee Hotel Pantelleria