Bird Brain: An Exploration of Avian Intelligence

Bird Brain: An Exploration of Avian Intelligence

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An absorbing study of how birds think, revealing how science is exploding the myth of our feathered friends being 'bird brained', and how recent discoveries may call for us to re-evaluate how we identify and classify intelligence in other animals. Bird Brain starts by looking at the structures and functions of the avian brain, and moves on to examine different types of intelligence by profiling the extraordinary behaviours of a broad range of species, studying the masterminds of the avian world, and examining what types of behaviour can be interpreted as 'intelligence' as we would recognize it. Bird Brain not only looks at the well-studied species such as New Caledonian Crows and parrots, but also casts a broader eye over the behaviour of a wide range of species from around the world.

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ISBN 9781782403142
Format Hardback
Page Count 192
Published 2016
Illustrations Colour Illustrations, Colour Photographs

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