Bird Tables

Our range of bird tables includes tall and Wooden Bird Tables as well as Hanging Bird Tables. You can choose the table that best suits your garden and the height that maximises your opportunity to view the birds with ease. If you require multiple tables many of the designs and colour schemes are complementary and will look great together to create a custom Feeding Station in your garden.

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  1. National Trust Ground Bird Feeding Table
  2. Queens Bird Table
  3. National Trust Hanging Bird Feeding Table

Garden Bird Tables

A bird table is the ideal way to bring more birds to your garden! We have an extensive range of bird table’s, such as our beautiful wooden bird table collection, or our hanging bird table which is ideal for smaller birds who prefer to eat higher up.

Bird tables make the perfect feeding station, this is because they come in all different styles and shapes to suit your garden! For those with no where to hang a hanging bird table, we have a ground bird table! These are very popular with ground feeding birds like robins, sparrows and blackbirds.

CJ Wildlife is a wild bird supplier of bird food, feeders, bird tables and accessories, have a look at our range and choose your new bird table today!