Feeder Poles

Create your own bird feeding station with a combination of our CJ Wildlife feeder poles. Bird feeding stations are an excellent way to hang or mount Feeders, or ready to hang food such as fat filled coconut shells giving you the opportunity to attract a greater number of birds to your garden.

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  1. CJ's Garden Pole - Green
  2. CJ's Garden Pole Extender
  3. CJ's Pole Hooks
    £4.50 As low as £3.99
  4. CJ's Double Hook Pole Attachment
  5. CJ's Conqueror Pole
  6. CJ's Pole Stabiliser
  7. Patio Feeding Pole System - Green
    Out of stock
  8. Feeder Pole Single - Green
    Out of stock
  9. CJ's Feeder Pole Double - Green
    Out of stock
  10. CJ's Pole Support Base
    £2.99 As low as £2.49
    Out of stock