Peanut Feeders

Our high quality peanut feeders are available in a range of sizes and colours and perfect for our Peanuts which are high in essential proteins and oils and a perfect Wild Bird Food. They can be used with many of our accessories including Garden Poles and Seed Trays to allow you to vary and enhance your bird feeding.

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  1. Acorn Peanut Mesh Feeder
  2. Acorn Peanut Feeder
  3. SingingFriend Max Peanut Feeder (Beige)
  4. SingingFriend Max Peanut Feeder (Green)
  5. Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder
  6. Jupiter Peanut Feeder
  7. National Trust Aura Peanut Guardian Feeder
  8. National Trust Apollo Peanut Feeder
  9. Discovery plastic hanging peanut feeder
    £2.99 As low as £2.49
  10. Medium Green Defender Peanut Feeder
  11. Small Green Challenger Peanut Feeder
  12. Medium Green Challenger Peanut Feeder