Squirrel Resistant Feeders

As Europe's leading wildlife care specialists, we know keeping squirrels and larger birds off bird feeders is a constant challenge for many of our customers. Our range of Guardian Cages and Squirrel Proof Feeders have been designed to help your smaller birds feast in peace and prevent larger species pilfering food and damaging bird feeders.

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  1. Guardian with 2 port Seed Feeder
  2. Large Feeder Guardian Cage
  3. Fat Ball & Suet Feeder Guardian
    £23.99 £29.99
  4. National Trust Waterford Peanut Butter Bird Feeder
  5. Longford Peanut Butter Bird Feeder with Guard
  6. Guardian with 6 port Seed Feeder
  7. Guardian with 4 port Seed Feeder
  8. Suet Pellet & Mealworm Feeder Guardian
  9. Small Peanut Feeder with Guardian
  10. Medium Peanut Feeder with Guardian
  11. Small Feeder Guardian Cage