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Vierno Tavern Bird Seed Feeder Green

SKU: 34344
Vierno Tavern Seed Feeder Green | CJ Wildlife
SKU: 34344
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The Vierno Tavern is a beautiful and strikingly different style of feeder for your garden birds. The domed roof and round arches provide good visibility of the surroundings, allowing the birds to spend more time on feeding and less time looking out for potential danger.

Equipped with a strong wire rope hanger this attractive feeder looks great when partnered with our Feeder Pole systems, but it can also be secured to a bracket, branch or Tree Hook if required.The Tavern forms part of of our stylish Vierno range of feeders, drinkers and nesters, all designed to help the birds in a way that is practical and easy on the eye.

The Vierno Tavern also available in blue and red.

Vierno Tavern Bird Seed Feeder Green