Bird Feeders

The number and variety of birds that visit your garden can be influenced by the way that you provide Bird Food. Providing hanging bird feeders in your garden is an excellent way to feed seeds, peanuts and specialist seed mixes to the more agile species such as Blue Tits, Greenfinches and House Sparrow. Our range of Seed and Peanut Feeders offer the very best in design, suitability and safety for bird feeding.

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  1. Endine Bird Bath
  2. SingingFriend Evie Moss Blue Wood
    £7.99 £9.99
  3. Vierno Diner
  4. National Trust Vierno Tavern Bird Seed Feeder

Bird Feeders

We have a wide range of bird feeder products in various styles to create your own bird feeding station, such as; bird tables, bird feeder poles and window bird feeders! We have something for all homes who want the ideal bird feeder.

The style of your bird feeder can influence which birds are coming to your garden to snack and having a suitable bird feeder or bird table allows all kinds of birds to visit and fill their beaks. If you’re living in a flat or want a closer experience to the birds, we have an ideal window bird feeder too!

Hang your bird feeder proudly with our bird feeding pole, the perfect way to create a bird feeding station in your garden and help the birds feed safely, and high up. Make sure to keep your bird feeder and bird table clean to keep our garden birds safe.