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Live Mini Mealworms - Bird Food

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Live Mini Mealworms | CJ Wildlife
SKU: G28090-28091
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Live Mini Mealworms (100g) - Bird Food
Live Mini Mealworms (500g) - Bird Food

Protein is an important nutrient for garden birds throughout the year. In spring, they will be busy finding a home, building a nest, laying eggs and caring for young, which all put tremendous demands on parent birds. And in winter, it is more difficult for them to actually find natural sources of protein-rich caterpillars, bugs and worms. You can do your bit to help by providing a reliable source of protein-rich food such as Live Mini Mealworms.

These Live Mini Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor Beetle. Their diet is vegetarian which makes them safe to feed to wildlife.

They consist of 50.4% crude protein and are suitable for insect-eating birds such as Robins, tits and House Sparrows. All mealworms are securely packaged for delivery.


To ensure they reach you in excellent condition, our Mealworms are packed in 100g tubs or 500g paper sacks. So, if you order 200g, you will receive 2 x 100g tubs and if you order the 1kg you shall be sent 2 x 500g paper sacks; and so on. Your mealworms can be kept for several weeks under the right conditions.

100g tubs: Mealworms delivered in plastic tubs can be stored in the tubs they are delivered in when following the care instructions below.

Note: we add bran to these tubs. Although bran is food for mealworms, it is added purely to soak up any moisture from condensation which may form.

500g paper sacks: Mealworms delivered in paper sacks should be transferred on arrival into a shallow, smooth sided tray or tub and add some bran or Mealworm Food. If the sides are smooth enough a lid should not be necessary. If a lid is used it should be well ventilated to condensation forming.

Note: as condensation will not form in the breathable paper sacks we do not add bran or any other food for the worms to feed on.

Care Instructions

It is important to keep your mealworms dry and well ventilated as any moisture from condensation could kill them.

For a longer life, do not keep them too deep. The maximum depth, including any mealworm food, should be no more than 1 to 1.5 inches or 2.5 to 3.8cm.

Keep them as cool as possible. Ideally no more than 10°C degrees so keep them somewhere cool. Watch out for the winter though, prolonged exposure to temperatures below 2°C will kill your worms.


To help keep you mealworms alive longer, add Bran or Mealworm Food.


Your live foods will be delivered by Royal Mail (1st class). If you have ordered other items, these will be delivered separately by our courier on our standard next day delivery service. Unfortunately guaranteed Saturday delivery is not currently available for live foods.

Note: to ensure that your Live Mini Mealworms always reach you in the best condition possible, we may occasionally need to make adjustments to our delivery schedule in times of very hot or cold weather. Delivery updates will be added to the website, and if your order is affected you will be contacted directly.

Live Mini Mealworms - Bird Food

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