Peanut Cakes

Our Peanut Cake Tubes and Squares are made to our own unique recipes developed over 35 years experience of providing wildlife care to give your garden birds a delicious, high energy treat available in a variety of flavours and paired with our range of Peanut Cake Feeders. Although traditionally used in winter, fat and suet products offer a useful addition to your birds' diet during other critical times such as breeding, moulting and pre-migration and are always popular with a variety of wild garden birds.

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  1. Peanut Cake Variety 3 Pack (1 Litre)
    £13.75 £16.25
  2. Peanut Cake Square Variety Triple Pack
    £6.00 £7.90
  3. Peanut Cake Square Supreme
    £2.50 £2.70 As low as £1.55
  4. Peanut Cake Square Variety 12 Pack
    £25.00 £31.60
  5. Bird Feeding Starter Pack
    £21.99 £24.99