Suet Christmas Snowman

Suet Christmas Snowman
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Fill your garden with festive cheer and give your garden birds a fat-filled nutritous feast. Our exclusive CJ Wildlife Suet Snowman has been developed with a delicious mix of peanut flour and animal fat, crafted into a snowman shape to add a festive flair!

Sparrows, blackbirds, garden tits and nuthatches love suet, not only does it ensure their stomachs are full, the high calorie content will keep them warm and snug to endure the winter nights.

The suet snowman is a popular choice this christmas!

The enjoyable snowman shape adds a festive feel to your bird feeding station. The birds might not care for the shape, but they will certainly love what is inside.

  • Packed with high calorie fat for the ultimate energy boost.
  • A high fat diet is essential during the colder months, it not only helps our garden birds to stay warm, it helps them to withstand the harshness and scarcity of natural food during this time.
  • Fat is also important during the spring to keep birds energised ahead of the breeding season, the essential oils help keep feathers strong and beautiful, adult birds will also feed fat to their young if natural food like worms and insects are scarce. 

Seasonal suet also comes in other shapes such as a snowflake, a christmas tree and a wreath.


Height 16cm, Weight 400g.

Tallow, Peanut Flour, Rowan Berries and a Suet Pellet (Vegetable Suet, Peanut Flour, Berry Flavour and Red Colouring)
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