Birds of Eastern Polynesia: A Biogeographic Atlas

Birds of Eastern Polynesia: A Biogeographic Atlas

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Birds of Eastern Polynesia provides a comprehensive presentation of the 240 species of birds ever recorded in Eastern Polynesia, a vast area of Oceania.

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The objective of this book is to synthesise biogeographic and phylogenetic data for all species, extinct or extant, in the form of a comprehensive atlas. The information for each species is presented on detailed maps, along with a summary text and figures on systematics, range, numbers, trends, and natural history. Many monographs on seabirds (albatrosses, petrels, boobies, etc.) and landbirds (pigeons, reed warblers, swiftlets, etc.) include Polynesian species. However works devoted to the complete avifauna of Eastern Polynesia are few. Birds of Eastern Polynesia represents a necessary and original ornithological synthesis of all the available literature on Eastern Polynesia birds, including many difficult-to-find reports written in French, as well as unpublished data gathered from local ornithologists and biologists.

It contains also unpublished data collected by the authors during numerous fieldtrips in Eastern Polynesia and during visits to museums, the major one being the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH, New York), which holds the largest collection of Pacific islands birds.

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ISBN 9788416728053
Format Hardback
Language English
Author Jean-Claude Thibault
Page Count 438
Published 2017
Illustrations Black & White Illustrations, Colour Illustrations, Colour Photographs, Distribution Maps

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