Blueberry 'Vaccinium' - 2L Pot

What to do when your plant order arrives

What to do when your plant order arrives

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Blueberry 'Vaccinium' - 2L Pot
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£6.99 £14.99
  • Risk free guarantee - free returns within 28 days
  • Amazing for insects - bees love blueberry plants
  • Superfruit - these delicious berries can be cooked or eaten fresh
Did you know that people who grow their own fruit and vegetables will eat 40% more of their 5-a-day than those who don't?

Blueberries are known as a 'superfruit'; rich in nutrients and antioxidants and widely recognised for their health benefits. The delicious versatile berries can be eaten fresh or cooked for use in pies and jam and some research has shown them to lower cholesterol and protect against various diseases.

Enjoy fruit and vegetables straight from the garden. Nothing is healthier than freshly picked produce, eaten before the vitamins and natural sugars start to break down. The soft fruits that we sell are self-pollinating, so you only need one to get your first crop of delicious, home grown fruit.

Our plants may be delivered in an infant or dormant state but once exposed to sunlight, they will resume growing. We also recommend using a fertiliser or soil conditioner when repotting or relocating into the garden to help them establish quickly. 

Scientific Name
Vaccinium corymbosum
Plant Colour
Pink, White
Growing Conditions
Partial Shade, Sunlight
Grows to
1.8 m
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
Apr., May
Picking Months
Jul., Aug.
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov
Suitable Wildlife
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