Our wide collection of book titles have been selected to help you learn more about garden birds, insects and mammals, as well as showing you how to make your garden into a true wildlife haven. From children's first wildlife book, to identification guides, autobiographies, books on gardening more.
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  1. RSPB Wildlife in Your Garden Book
  2. The Complete Garden Bird Book: How to Identify and Attract Birds to Your Garden
  3. RSPB My First Book of Garden Wildlife
  4. Helm Guide to Bird Identification Book
  5. Where to Watch Birds in Ireland Book
  6. How To Be An Urban Birder Book
  7. 100 Great Wildlife Experiences What to See and Where Book
  8. Into the Wild - An Exotic Woodland Colouring Book
  9. I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree: A Poem Book
  10.  A Year in Nature: A Carousel Book of the Seasons
  11. i-SPY in the Countryside Book: What Can You Spot?
  12. The Nesting Box

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  13. Great Oaks Little Acorns
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  14. Collins BTO Guide to British Birds Book
  15. Garden Wildlife Exposing Your Garden's Secrets Book
  16. Hidden Nature Book: Uncovering the UK's Wildlife
  17. Wildlife Gardening For Everyone and Everything Book
  18. A Year in British Wildlife Book: A Month-by-Month Guide to What to See and How to Find It