Several Shropshire based businesses, charities and community groups have come together to launch the Breaducation campaign; to give the wildlife living in and on ponds and waterways in our county the best possible chance of thriving.

Our goal is simple; to educate the public about which foods are the most beneficial to ducks and wildfowl, and raise awareness of the negative impact of feeding bread.

The good news is that a lot of the damage caused by feeding bread is reversible within a short space of time if people change their feeding habits, and the environment is quick to recover when bread is not present in the water.

Unfortunately, some birds do suffer from conditions associated with malnutrition when their diet contains a lot of bread and this cannot be reversed, but we hope the Breaducation campaign will help raise awareness and future generations will be free from these debilitating conditions.

The campaign will launch in Spring 2018, and we will be working with councils, community groups and schools across the region to help spread the word and encourage more people in Shropshire to choose foods to feed that are better than bread.

If you are located in Shropshire and are interested in supporting the Breaducation campaign, or want to help 'breaducating' your community, email us at

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