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This online shop is a partnership between CJ Wildlife and Buglife. Every purchase you make supports Buglife’s essential conservation work needed to protect the UK’s 40,000 species of invertebrates.

With a range of wildlife care products, books, gifts and plants there is something for all Buglife members to enjoy. The following selection is themed around invertebrates, but all products on this website are available to browse and buy, helping Buglife raise much needed funds. For out extensive range of wildlife-friendly plants, please click here.

For all those mini beasts that crawl, jump, slither and fly, Buglife champions the habitats and populations of these creatures who underpin a healthy ecosystem on which our planet depends.

CJ Wildlife works with a number of charity partners across Europe to ensure their range of wildlife products meets the needs of the wildlife who use them. Due to their practical designs, this range of insect habitats has been endorsed by Buglife, who have also approved our range of plants and seeds for pollinators.

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  1. Bee Hotel Pantelleria
  2. Bee Hotel Ustica
  3. Lanzarote Insect Block
    £4.50 £8.99
  4. Tenerife Insect Block
    £7.50 £14.99
  5. Sicily Insect Block
    £9.99 £19.99
  6. Hanging Insect Hotel
  7. Insect Residence
  8. insect hotel menorca
  9. Elba Insect Tower
    £19.99 £24.99
  10. WoodStone® Insect Block - Grey
    £19.99 £24.99
  11. Bee' Mini Insect House
  12. Duo-Insect & Ladybird House - Green Roof
  13. Voucher for Replacement Stick Insect Eggs
  14. Replacement Mason Bee Tubes

    from £5.50

  15. Mason Bee Nest Box
    £7.99 £10.99
  16. Kite Loep Doublet 15 X - 23mm Magnifier
  17. Kite Loep Triplet 20x21mm
  18. Kite Loep Triplet 10 X 21mm