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This online shop is a partnership between CJ Wildlife and Butterfly Conservation. Every purchase you make supports the essential work that Butterfly Conservation does to protect the habitats and population health of the UK’s butterflies and moths.

With a range of wildlife care products, books, gifts and plants there is something for all Butterfly Conservation supporters and members to enjoy. The following selection is themed around these beautiful insects, but all products on this website are available to browse and buy, helping Butterfly Conservation raise much needed funds.

For our extensive range of wildlife-friendly plants and shrubs that are perfect for pollinating insects, including the popular Buddleja (Butterfly Bush), please click here.

Butterfly Conservation projects focus on some of our most threatened butterflies and moths, and their habitats are often identified as priorities for conserving biodiversity. The Big Butterfly Count is the world’s largest survey of this kind and is an invaluable source of information.

CJ Wildlife works with several charity partners across Europe to ensure their range of wildlife products meets the needs of the wildlife who use them. 

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  1. Limited Edition Ithaca Butterfly House
  2. Duo-Insect & Ladybird House - Green Roof
  3. Butterfly & Bee Box - Green
  4. Elba Insect Tower
  5. Insect hotel capri
  6. Dana Butterfly House Kit
  7. Insect Residence
  8. Butterfly and bee hotel
  9. National Trust Apex Insect House
  10. Darwin Bug Viewer
  11. Wilson Bug Viewer
  12. Wallace Bug Viewer
  13. Swallow Tail Butterfly Mug
  14. National Trust Butterfly ID Chart
  15. Butterfly Jute Shopping Bag
  16. Butterfly Umbrella
  17. Butterfly bag
  18. Metal Silhouette – Butterfly
  19. Myrte Common Blue Butterfly Mug
  20. Peacock Butterfly Mug
  21. Very hungry caterpillar Butterfly set
  22. Myrte Butterfly Mug Set
  23. Myrte Painted Lady Butterfly Card
  24. ID Chart - Guide to the Day-flying Moths of Britain
  25. Butterfly Wings: A Matching Game
  26. Wildlife Gardening For Everyone and Everything Book
  27. ID Chart - Butterflies of Britain
  28. Garden Wildlife Exposing Your Garden's Secrets Book
  29. Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland Book
  30. Living Twig Stick Insect Kit
  31. Myrte Painted Lady Butterfly Mug
  32. Myrte Common Blue Butterfly Card
  33. Live Butterfly Garden
  34. ID Chart - Dragonflies and Damselflies
  35. Myrte Peacock Butterfly Mug
  36. Butterfly Doormat - Red Admiral