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Creating a base for wildlife using our border packs in your own back garden is easy, just stick with us and we’ll show you the ropes with our handy gardening guide.

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Butterflies Taste With Their Feet
Butterflies Taste With Their Feet
(fun fact)

"Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet to help them find their host plants and locate food. "

The Best-Ever Butterfly Border
£124.99 £145.92
  • Designed by our experts to be amazing for bees and butterflies .
  • No risk planting with our free return guarantee.
  • Covers 3 metres by 1 metre - follow our handy guide in the description for simple planting steps

The perfect butterfly haven, beaming with bright and nectar filled blooms to encourage butterflies to thrive in your wildlife garden.

This pack contains a selection of plants which have been approved by our wildlife experts as beneficial to butterflies! Purposeful planting doesn’t have to be boring; this bundle allows you a beautiful and colour rich garden space and gives the butterflies nearby a constant source of energy-replenishment.

The pack contains:
1 x Butterfly & Bee Box
1 x Limited Edition Butterfly House
8 x Lavender Hidcote
4 x Black-eyed Susan
8 x Garden Catmint - 9cm pot.
4 x White Coneflower
4 x Iron Hard 'Lollipop'
1 x White Dwarf Buddleja

Buddleia: Also known as ‘butterfly bush’ and for a good reason. This plant produces copious amounts of nectar that some larger species such as the Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell will flock to!

Lavender Hidcote: The best lavender for our British climate! Our shorter tongued butterfly friends love this as it is much easier to access the delicious nectar inside the small, beautiful purple flowers

Black-eyed Susan: It's no wonder this flower is amongst the favourites for butterflies! It's bright and vivd colours attracts lots of interest and is also a great source for nectar and pollen. It's strudy platform provides a great place for butterflies to land too.

White Dwarf Buddleja: Buddleja's are a much loved garden plant, and that's just the birds, bees and butterflies! This sweetly scented pretty coloured flower is ideal for helping butterflies thrive in your garden.

Catmint / Nepeta: A twice a year bloomer, with its distinguished blue lavender flowers, catmint is the perfect addition to your greenspace. Most perennial plants do not flower twice a year, this is what makes catmint so special.

White Coneflower: Another flower with an abundance of nectar and pollen for our butterflies, bees and also birds! Not only is the white colours a great way to liven up your garden, you'll be feeding your local wildlife colonies too.

Iron Hard 'Lollipop: This purple flower, otherwise known as Verbena bonariensis is perfect for attracting bees, birds, butterflies​, moths and other pollinators. Is has both nectar and pollen rich flowers with seeds that the birds will love.

All you need to do is designate a 3 x 1 metre part of your garden to the border and fill it with your own compost. We will deliver the products to your door!

We have made a handy guide to help you plant your border: 

Growing Conditions
Flowering Months
May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep.
Planting Months
Mar, Apr, May
Suitable Wildlife

Your Bundle Contains:

  • Butterfly & Bee Box - Green 1 of Butterfly & Bee Box - Green
  • Limited Edition Butterfly House 1 of Limited Edition Butterfly House
  • Black-Eyed Susan 4 of Black-Eyed Susan
  • Lavender Hidcote 8 of Lavender Hidcote
  • White Coneflower 4 of White Coneflower
  • Garden Catmint 9cm pot 8 of Garden Catmint 9cm pot
  • Iron Hard ‘Lollipop’ 4 of Iron Hard ‘Lollipop’
  • Buddleja Davidii 'White Dwarf' - 2L Pot 1 of Buddleja Davidii 'White Dwarf' - 2L Pot
    • Loved by bees and butterflies
    • An incredible dwarf variety of buddleja that is easier to manage
    • No risk planting thanks to our no quibble free return guarantee