Buddleja 'Orpheus'

SKU: 80093
Buddleja 'Orpheus'
SKU: 80093
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Deep blue flowers with a white “eye” around an orange centre are produced vigorously into late summer.  This variety has a slightly spreading habit, making it a good specimen plant on its own or in a mixed border.

The sure way to lure an abundance of butterflies to your garden is with a buddleja bush. So if you want to relish in the the joyous sight of red admirals, painted ladies, peacocks and many more species in your garden, then a nectar-rich buddleja is a must.

Regular buddleja bushes can grow quite large so this season we are introducing a range of mini-buddleja bushes so you can attract butterflies to the smallest of gardens and balconies.

Scientific Name
Buddleja dav. ´Orpheus´
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Grows to
2 m
Pot Size
2 Litres
Flowering Months
Jul., Aug., Sep.

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