Create Your Own Kids Butterfly Bundle

Create Your Own Kids Butterfly Bundle
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  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

This is a bundle of Butterfly products that are the prefect starter set to attract Butterflies to your garden and get childrens interested and interacting with butterflies. Simply select the options that suit you best to create your perfect bundle.

With just a little adult guidance your children can have fun making a butterfly house of their own with the Dana Butterfly House Kit. It’s a stimulating and healthy process that also makes a great opportunity to learn more about the butterflies that may move in to hibernate.

Our Live Butterfly Kit is great for watching live caterpillars change in to Painted Lady Butterflies is fascinating. For use in the classroom or home, the kit includes a reusable habitat net (30cm tall), feeding pipette and instructions.

The Wilson bug viewer has not 1 but 2 magnifying glasses, so you can view your specimens from above and below.

The child-sized butterfly net has a unique shape of a butterfly wing and is perfect for butterfly catching fun. Made from durable fine mesh it is gentle to use for butterflies, bugs and other insects that are rather nifty in the air.

And the 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of Britain's Butterflies includes 58 of the British butterfly species.

Select everything you need to get your kids interacting with your garden wildlife.

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