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Corbier Feeding Table

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Corbier Feeding Table | CJ Wildlife
SKU: 93499
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The Corbier feeding table can be simply mounted on a wall or fence and will make a stylish feature on a balcony or in your garden. Ideal for smaller town gardens, or as an additional feeder to complement a larger free standing table.

Bird tables attract a wide variety of birds such as Robins, Blackbirds, thrushes, tits and finches. Use to feed specialist ground feeding mixes, to scatter straight seeds such as sunflower hearts, or use to feed chopped up Peanut Cakes or scatter Suet Pellets for a high energy feast for your birds.

Our tables are designed with large feeding areas to allow multiple birds to feed at the same time and generous overhanging roofs to protect food in wet weather. The tables and roofs are constructed from high quality painted timber so you and your birds will enjoy them for many years to come.

Depth = 48.5cm

Corbier Feeding Table
£19.99 £49.99