Deluxe Peanut Cake Pack

Deluxe Peanut Cake Pack
SKU NT98197
  • Palm Oil Free - more sustainable than competitors.
  • 98% of our customers would buy again!
  • Made in the UK at our Shropshire factory

CJ Wildlife Peanut Cakes are perfect food for all seasons. Although traditionally used in winter, fat and suet products offer a useful addition to your birds' diet during other critical times such as breeding, moulting and pre-migration

This variety pack contains 7 different varieties of our popular peanut cake squares allowing you to see which flavours are preferred by which species. They all contain our nutritious blend of fats and peanut flower and some have additional ingredients such as berries, insects or seeds. The pack also contains two Peanut Square Cages that are quick and easy to fill and can be simply hung from a tree branch or hook.

Calorie content of fat cakes 657-715.