Troglodytes troglodytes


The European population, of this bird, has been evaluated as secure.

A small, mainly brown bird with short legs and a narrow, cocked tail. It has a white stripe over the eye, and a thin bill. Males, females and juveniles all look similar.

Size: 9-10cm

Weight: 7-12 gms

Habitat: Deciduous and mixed woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens

Nesting: Made from dead leaves, grass and moss, lined with feathers. Has a side entrance.

Eggs: 5-6 white eggs

Food: Mealworms, waxworms, finely chopped peanut cake, grated cheese

Call: A loud, ringing song and rattling tick-tick calls

Characteristics: The Wren is a common garden bird, although you may not realise this as it is quite shy and secretive and usually hides in hedgerows and undergrowth. It has a particularly loud voice for such a small bird - its songs can be heard from October - July.