CJ Live Webcam - Feeding Station

This feeding station webcam allows you to watch different birds visiting to fill themselves up with delicious CJ Wildlife food! This camera swaps between two different views so you get the opportunity to watch even more birds.

Currently featured on the camera is an Apollo feeder with a feeder tray which is used to catch any seeds dropped by the birds to avoid any waste. This feeder is full of sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts, a perfect mix of straights to offer the birds, helping them get those extra calories. There is also a peanut cake feeder with a peanut cake tube which is full of essential fats and calories for your garden birds. Great for giving birds the extra energy that they need in the colder months!

The second view features two defender feeders, a two port and a four port, both with feeder trays and full of Hi-Energy No Mess, Black Sunflowers and Sunflower Hearts, all highly popular foods with garden birds. You will also be able to see a Wicklow Peanut Butter Feeder with some of our and high energy Peanut Butter for Birds, as well as an attractive Marjolein Bastin Feeding Dish filled with even more food and an Idro water dish to make sure the birds still have access to water even when other water supplies may be frozen over.

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