Goshawk Webcam

The goshawk is a large hawk, and a similar size to a buzzard. It has a fierce expression with bright red eyes and a distinctive white eyebrow. The Goshawk has broad wings, which enable it to hunt at high speed, and long legs and talons which help the Goshawk to catch its prey whilst still in flight. The female is substantially larger than the male.

Goshawks tend to hunt hares, rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl, game-birds, corvids and pigeons, and will crash through vegetation in pursuit and even give chase on foot.

The female will lay between one and five eggs between April and early May. The nest will be constructed of sticks and lined with leaves and twigs. Often, they are positioned high up in a tree. The eggs are incubated by the female for 35 to 38 days, and the male will supply food. Once the chicks have hatched the male will continue to provide food, whilst the female will spend her time defending the nest. The chicks will fledge around 34 to 41 days; however, the young will not become independent from the parents until they around 70 to 90 days old.

We hope that you enjoy watching our webcams, the feeds for which were kindly provided by the Beleef de Lente Project, courtesy of Vogelbescherming Nederland and so some multilingual messages may appear on occasion.

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