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Green Snowdrops - 25 Bulbs

SKU: 80281
Green Snowdrops - 25 Bulbs
SKU: 80281
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The well-known snowdrops. Actually, there is not much to be said about this. Except that we are dealing here with Dutch grown bulbs. Now you will wonder what does that matter, Dutch grown? Imported Snowdrops bloom very profusely the first year and then it gets less every year. Dutch cultivated flowers normally bloom the first year and will flower better, fuller and richer every year after that.

So plant them in the period from August to the end of November and every year, from February to March, you will enjoy more and more of these beautiful, typical Dutch Snowdrops.

They can be planted in borders, rock gardens or along pond edges, but why not even plant them in a pot or tub for the balcony or terrace. Certainly in combination with botanical Crocuses you will be amazed by the beauty of these bulbs.

Snowdrops are best planted in groups in the garden. Plant in well-loosened soil with the tip up. If necessary, cover with peat dust against severe frost. Keep the bulbs dry and cool until planting.

Scientific Name
Galanthus woronowii
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Partial Shade, Sunlight
Flowering Months
Feb., Mar.
Picking Months
Sep., Oct., Nov.
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov
Pack Size
Green Snowdrops - 25 Bulbs