How to order online

You can navigate the shop using the drop-down menus at the top of every page or by typing the name or product code of what you're looking for into the search box. You can search within categories by changing the 'All' dropdown.

If you are browsing a category (rather than searching) you can narrow the list of products displayed by using the 'Sub Categories' or 'Filter Products' options; for example the 'Seed Mixes' category within 'Foods' will list only seed mixes or, by ticking the 'Yes' checkbox under the 'Suitable for use with Tube Feeders', you can filter the foods down to only those that can be used in Tube Feeders. If there are too many products to display on a single page, the pagination will be displayed below the list of products.

Each product is displayed with an image, its name and price information along with the following three buttons:

  • 'Info' will take you to more information about the product, including buying options such as pack size, from where you can add the desired product variant and quantity to your shopping cart.
  • 'Add to Cart' will add the item directly to your shopping cart. This option is only available when the product itself has no variants; the Vierno Diner, for instance, has no variants and so can be added directly to the cart whereas Hi-Energy No Mess is available in multiple pack sizes so you have to go to the product page (by clicking the 'info' button) to select the desired pack size first.
  • 'Add to favourites' (Star icon) will bookmark the item in your favourites list.

When a product is added to your shopping cart, you'll be taken to the 'My Basket' page which provides a summary of your order so far. When you're happy with your selection, click the 'Checkout' button.

In the checkout you can either complete your order as a guest (with the option to create an accoutn) or log into an existing account. Please note: because of the way customer information was encrypted on the previous version of the website it was not possible to transfer accounts into the new system - if you previously held a web account you'll need to create a new one.

Once you have entered all the required information in the form you will be transferred to our payment partner Ingenico to pay for your order.


We accept payment by American Express, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa. Payments by card are processed by our payment partner Ingenico

We also accept payments through PayPal. 

Voucher codes

If you have a voucher code, don't forget to enter it on the 'My Basket' page.

Technical difficulties

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, please contact us.


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