House Martin Webcam

The House Martin is a summer migrant, spending the winter in Africa. They are a small bird, with steel-blue upper parts and white under parts. They also have a white rump with a forked tail, and on close inspection you will notice that they have white feathers covering its legs and toes.

The House Martin lays approximately four or five white eggs. The female does most of the incubation, which normally lasts 14–16 days. The newly hatched chicks will leave the nest after a further 22–32 days, weather dependant. After fledging the chicks will continue to stay and be fed by the parents for about a week after leaving the nest.

We hope that you enjoy watching our webcams, the feeds for which were kindly provided by the Beleef de Lente Project, courtesy of Vogelbescherming Nederland and so some multilingual messages may appear on occasion.

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