Live Food Taster Pack - Bird Food

SKU: 98315


Live Food Taster Pack - Bird Food
SKU: 98315
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Live foods will be irresistible to a wide range of species such as Robins, thrushes and Blackbirds. During the breeding season your garden birds will benefit from the additional energy that the protein in live foods can offer. We recommend you serve live foods in the morning (when they are less active), in a deep container with smooth sides to minimise their ability to escape!

This combination pack allows you to test a selection of live foods. It contains 15g of Waxworms (approx. 50 Waxworms), 100g Live Mealworms (750-900 worms) and 40 Earthworms.

Protein is an important nutrient for garden birds throughout the year. In spring, they will be busy finding a home, building a nest, laying eggs and caring for young, which all put tremendous demands on parent birds. And in winter, it is more difficult for them to actually find natural sources of protein-rich caterpillars, bugs and worms. You can do your bit to help by providing a reliable source of protein-rich food such as live mealworms.

Storing and caring for your worms

Your worms can be kept for several weeks under the right conditions. Please see About our Foods for full storage and care information.

Our Live Mealworms are supplied in multiples of 100g trays and 500g paper sacks to ensure they reach you in excellent condition.

Your live foods will be delivered by Royal Mail (1st class). If you have ordered other items, these will be delivered separately by our courier on our standard next day delivery service. Unfortunately guaranteed Saturday delivery is not currently available for live foods.