Wildlife Photography with Mark Carwardine

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We are excited to now be working with wildlife photographer and conservationist Mark Carwardine and appreciate his expert recommendations of our products, both for the wildlife who use them, but also with regard to sharing the most enjoyable ways of connecting with the nature in people’s own back gardens through observation and photography.

Mark has launched a new Wildlife Photography Masterclass series on the BBC Wildlife YouTube channel that shares his years of expertise in how to obtain amazing photos, including in your own garden. Accompanying the videos are digital factsheets from Mark's own website for you to download and keep. We are very pleased that Mark is using our products to assist with attracting birds and wildlife into his garden and that we have versatile solutions to enable perfect positioning of birds when needed.

The 10 week series launched on Thursday 15th April and each new episode is released weekly. The first is all about photographing urban foxes, so look out for the ones on garden birds coming up and dont forget to download the accompanying garden bird photography factsheet as we've added a discount code for you.

All the CJ Wildlife feeders Mark uses are available on our website and suitable for any garden type. The key to this photography is to ensure the birds can only land and feed where you want them to. Mark's top tip is to mount feeders on upright poles so there are no extra artificial perches for the birds to land on, leaving just those natural perches available that the photographer provides.

Also look out for a new book that Mark is launching this year on Garden Bird Photography and we will provide details here as soon as it is available.

About Mark

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Zoologist MARK CARWARDINE is an outspoken conservationist, award-winning writer, TV and radio presenter, best-selling author, widely published photographer, wildlife tour operator and magazine columnist. He presented the weekly programme Nature on BBC Radio 4 for many years and has presented dozens of other mini-series on BBC Radio 4 on a wide variety of wildlife, travel and conservation subjects. Mark has appeared on a great many TV programmes, narrated a variety of films, and co-presented two six-part BBC-TV series: Last Chance to See (with the comedian and actor Stephen Fry) and Museum of Life (behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum, in London). The author of more than 50 wildlife books, he has also been writing a provocative monthly conservation column in BBC Wildlife magazine since 2004 and is Contributing Editor of Wanderlust magazine. He was Chairman of the Judging Panel of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition (2005-2011), and was selected as one of the world’s 40 most influential nature photographers in Outdoor Photography magazine.

For more information on Mark's work, his books and other wildlife activities, visit www.markcarwardine.com

CJ's has a whole range of products that are especially good for providing the perfect platform to observe birds if you are wanting to capture the moment. Click here to see our full range of feeders. Mark also has his key recommendations:

“I’ve tried countless so-called squirrel-proof feeders and baffles over the years. I’ve even made my own, using security spikes, coconut oil (to make the feeder poles slippery) and hot chilli powder (which doesn’t harm the birds). Nothing worked. But then I discovered the CJ Wildlife Squirrel Guard Baffle. Hallelujah! It’s brilliant - quite simply, it keeps squirrels off the feeders.”

“CJ Wildlife’s feeder poles and pole plugs - which allow you to attach bird feeders without the need for artificial arms - are far and away the best for garden bird photography. The birds happily perch on any natural perches you care to provide.”