Miramare WoodStone® Bat Box

Miramare WoodStone® Bat Box

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The Miramare is part of our Vivara Pro range and is designed to reproduce a natural roost site in a hollow tree and has 4 internal roosting compartments to accommodate a large number of bats.

It is painted black to absorb the heat of the sun and provide the warmth that the bats need. The concrete and wood fibre mix make this box durable and maintenance-free.

It has mounting brackets but for more exposed locations there are also two fixing eyes on the side of the box that allow a rope or wire to be passed around a tree trunk.

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There are seventeen species of bat in the UK, six of which are known to use bat boxes, and they often live in close proximity to humans, using gardens as an important source of food, water and shelter. However, populations have declined significantly during the past century as many natural roosting and feeding sites have been destroyed.

You can help to support these small, intriguing creatures by providing a roosting site. Because they need different roosting conditions at different times of the year, bats will often move around on a regular basis to suit their needs.

For best results, site your bat box:

  • In a sturdy tree or building where bats have been seen or are known to feed.
  • As high as possible (at least 2-5m), with a clear 'flight-path' for access.
  • In a sheltered area, ideally south or southwest facing to ensure a few hours of sun.
  • Near a wet area, such as a pond or marshy environment which will attract the insects favoured by bats and also provides somewhere for them to drink.

It can take a while for bats to take up residence in a new bat box. As a general rule if it hasn't been used after three years, try relocating.

For more information about bats, click here.

Colour Black
Diameter 25cm
Height 85cm
Suitable Wildlife Bat

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