Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham Swift Group

The Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham Swift Group was formed in July 2015 to help save local swifts. Numbers have declined by 50% in the last 20 years and Swifts in the our area are struggling to breed. Old nesting sites have gone as people have blocked up the roof spaces that swifts used to nest in. Old houses and other properties have been knocked down. If swifts can't breed, they will eventually be lost from our summer skies. The Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham Swift Group has been set up to help give Swifts new places to nest in our locality.

We help anyone interested in giving swifts a home, and can offer:

  • free survey of your house, office building or public building to see if it's suitable to give swifts a home
  • free expert advice on swifts
  • opportunity to buy locally made swift nesting boxes at cost
  • help with choosing the right swift box for your house or building
  • information on using swift attraction calls and how to set up a sound system
  • information on use of in-box cameras to see baby swifts online

The prices of the below products have a 10% discount for members of Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham Swift Group. Simply quote code UKMMCS17 to apply the 10% and the Group will also receive a 5% commission on these purchases.

Standard next working day delivery is free for orders over £25.00. For orders below this amount we require a contribution of £3.25 towards the cost of delivery, packaging and insurance. For more detailed information on our service, including terms and conditions, please follow the links at the bottom of our home page.

WoodStone Build-in Visible Swift Box

If you live in Maidenhead, Marlow or Cookham and are interested in helping Swifts, please visit for more information.