Tub of 50 fat balls with insects

SKU: 10266
Tub of 50 fat balls with insects
SKU: 10266
Many garden birds are crazy about insects – at certain times of year they are even dependent on them. Our Fat Balls with Insects not only provide your feathered friends the energy they need in the form or high-calorie fat, but also high-quality protein from insects. This fat ball is the undisputed favourite of tits and Robins. Fat Balls are versatile, choose from one of our specially made feeders or chop up and feed from a bird table or the ground. Tub of 50. Each Fat Ball weight approx. 95g.
Calories (per 100g)
Ingredients: Wheat flour, suet, black sunflower seeds, maize flour, peanut flour, calcium carbonate, dried mealworms, Gammarus
Suitable Feeding Methods
Feeder Houses, Bird Tables, Ground Feeding
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