Popular Nest Boxes

Every type of garden can accommodate one of these Nest Boxes. Even if you don't know the exact species of birds you have in your garden, it is not a problem as each nest box has been designed to be used by the most common visitors. That said, if you do have a specific bird in mind that you want to help, take note of the species we advise are most likely to use each one based on the size of the entrance hole.

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  1. Stockholm 28mm Nest Box
  2. Jamaica 28mm Nest Box
  3. Aruba 28mm Nest Box
  4. Bonaire 28mm Nest Box
  5. Lucerne Nest Box
  6. Bouillon 28mm Nest Box
    £15.19 £18.99
  7. Nala Nest Box Kit
    £9.99 £12.49
  8. Vernon 28mm Nest Box
    Out of stock
  9. Trondheim 28mm Nest Box
    Out of stock