New to Bird Feeding

How do I feed the garden birds?

How do I feed the garden birds?

How do I start?

There are a lot of different products and types of food, but that does not mean feeding the birds is hard. In fact, it is incredibly easy to start. You don't need a massive space or a big budget either.

To feed the birds you need a feeder and food, here is everything you need to know about both! 

Which bird feeder do I need?

This depends on which species you would like to attract, where you live and your space. But, here are some top tips!

  • Hanging bird seed feeders are the most commonly used and are a brilliant product for beginners to start with. Our Apollo seed feeder range is perfect to start with because these award-winning feeders are easy to clean, have a simply click lid system and are always a firm favourite for birds. As the name suggests, the food for these feeders is bird seed and our hi-energy no-mess mix is our most popular choice. You don’t even need to have a tree to hang these, hanging brackets or pole mounted systems are a great options too.
  • Hanging Peanut Feeders are very similar to seed feeders but you fill these with peanuts, not bird seed. They are another great option for beginners and will attract a wide variety of birds,.
  • Fat ball and cake feeders are another great source of nutrients for birds. We have specialised bird feeder ranges for these products and they are particularly loved in Winter when birds need that additional layer to help with the cold. We recommend using fat feeders and seed feeders to compliment each other!
  • Ground feeders and hanging tables are also commonly used in the UK because some birds prefer to feed from seeds and food scattered on flat surfaces. These include Robins, Wrens, Chaffinch and Blackbirds. These flat feeders offer a range of options and work well with seed mixes, suet pellets or something more adventurous like dried mealworms. 
  • Guardian cages are designed to keep out bigger birds and squirrels so that smaller birds feel safe in your garden. Some of our feeders come with these or you can buy them separately on our website. They are not necessary but are a lovely extra if you have a lot of squirrels and pigeons in your garden!
  • Wall and Window feeders are a brilliant choice if you are struggling for space. Our range stretches across both seed and fat feeders so you can still enjoy some choice.

Most Popular Starter Products

Which bird food do I need?

This is not rocket science, choose a food that matches your type of feeder. We suggest recommended products on product pages so you know what we would use. However, here are some benefits of our most popular food choice

  • Fat Balls - An affordable favourite with a wide range of species and can be fed in a number of ways like peanut cakes. Our ultimate recipe is particularly nutritious and enjoyed in all seasons.
  • Sunflower Hearts - These have mass appeal and suitable for many types of feeder so a perfect way to get going quickly.
  • Peanut Cakes - Inexpensive but highly nutritious and loved by birds, these are particularly good for the colder months. Can be chopped up and scattered too, so don’t necessarily need to be inside a feeder.
  • Hi-Energy No Mess seed mix - Rich in energy and appealing to a wide range of garden birds. With no outer husks there is no waste, no mess and also no weeds: what a bonus all round!
  • Mealworms - Packed full of protein and ideal for hungry, growing chicks in the spring and summer. Also adored by friendly Robins.

Most Popular Starter Foods