Ospreys in Wales

Ospreys in Wales

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For hundreds of years during the last millennium, Wales had been devoid of breeding ospreys. Not since the last ice age some 11,000 years ago had such a vast amount of time passed without this enigmatic bird of prey nesting and breeding in the Principality. Then, in 2004, the first osprey chick in centuries fledged in a nest in Mid Wales and since then, thankfully, ospreys have successfully bred in Wales every year for the following decade. The story of the osprey's revival as a breeding species is one of the greatest conservation success stories of recent times. Persecuted for hundreds of years to the brink of extinction in the British Isles, the osprey has fought back against adversity and now has a strong foothold in Scotland once again. At the start of this century this iconic bird of prey started to nest south of the border and in 2004, finally nested in Wales.

ISBN 9780993099007
Format Hardback
Language English
Author Emyr Evans
Page Count 246
Published 2014
Illustrations Colour Photographs

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