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Dura Green Ottawa Seed Feeder

SKU: 93563
Dura Wood
Dura Green Ottawa Seed Feeder
SKU: 93563
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The Ottawa Seed Feeder is beautifully finished with rounded corners giving a high-quality appearance. It is made from thermally modified wood which is a created via a heat treatment ensures that coniferous wood has a longer lifespan – to approximately 20 years. Moreover, no chemical substances are used in this heat process ensuring it is a responsible form of sustainability.

The Dura-Green Wood label shows this product has been made with thermally modified wood in a treatment without chemical substances to ensure its durability.

The integral suspension cord allows you to choose whether to hang the seed feeder on a feeding post system or tree branch. To fill the feeder with a seed mix simply slide the roof upwards along the suspension cord. At the bottom of the corners, drainage holes have been made to remove any water, so the food stays nice and fresh.

In order to preserve the beautiful colour created in the treatment process, the Ottawa seed feeder is finished with a clear water-based varnish.

Important: Do not feed whole peanuts unless they are contained within a wire mesh feeder, as chicks can choke if fed whole peanuts or large pieces.

Benefits of the Ottawa Seed Feeder:
• Is very durable due to thermal processing.
• Stylish curved lines of the wood.
• Large roof overhang which prevents the feed from moisture.
• Finished with a clear water-based varnish.
• Certified with the Dura-Green Wood label.

This series is available in various products including as a nest box and feeding table.

FSC® Certified Wood
Dura Green Ottawa Seed Feeder