Own Production

Black sunflower seeds

Practically all of our foods are developed, mixed and sent direct to you from our headquarters in rural Shropshire, giving you the benefit of our many years of experience as wildlife specialists. We also have our own manufacturing facilities for our wooden nest boxes and tables and our WoodStone® range of products.

The mixes for our peanut cake squares and tubes are the result of years of practical research into the feeding preferences of garden birds. In fact so much care and experience has gone into the formulation of our different mixes that we have had to patent them! The peanut cakes are made by us in a specialist plant at our UK headquarters, as are the Peanut Butter for Birds and Twist and Feed ranges, so we have full control of every stage of the manufacturing process.

The UK headquarters site is also home to our dedicated sunflower heart plant. In this facility black sunflower seeds from carefully selected stocks are dehusked and turned into top quality sunflower hearts, ready to be bagged as a finished product or mixed with other ingredients to make bestselling mixes such as Hi-Energy No Mess.

Plant area

A small, experienced team oversees the storage, mixing and bagging of the foods, in a process that has quality assurance built in from the moment the ingredients are delivered. We produce bags ranging in size from 0.5kg to 20kg in packaging to suit our customers across Europe.

Most of the wildlife friendly plants that we sell come from our fields in the Netherlands, and we have our own mealworm farm to ensure that the food varieties we supply are ethically produced, competitively priced and of a consistently high quality. Because we control every aspect of the mealworm production we have the confidence of knowing that we are producing worms of a consistently high quality.

Keeping all aspects of production in house lets us keep the entire process from raw material to finished item under close scrutiny, giving you the assurance that every order you receive will be of the highest quality for you and your wildlife.