Patshull Activity Centre - Wolverhampton


We have teamed up with Patshull Activity Centre in Wolverhampton to help them create a Nature Trail and Bird Feeding Area on-site as part of a large scale nature initiative that will provide opportunities to groups and nature lovers.

Patshull Activity Centre is a volunteer-led outdoor activity centre working with children and young people from all backgrounds of our communities and welcome any organisation that work with children and young people to enjoy what we have to offer. They speciailise in being a fantastic venue for outdoor learning experiences which enable children and young people to develop in so many different ways.


Here are some of the things you can do and what you can see:


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About our partnership

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For more information on activities, visit

The bird and wildlife products that are in use at Patshull are all available for your own garden. Have a look through our website and enrich your outdoor space with wildilfe life