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CJ Wildlife are pleased to have a new partnership with the the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES).

The PTES is driven by a passion to protect endangered species in Britain and throughout the world. By investing in research and working alongside scientists, conservationists, landowners and the general public, PTES and its volunteers aim to improve the wildlife havens needed for our most vulnerable species.

The following key species and habitats are just some of their projects:


Hazel dormice are among our most threatened mammals. PTES' longstanding monitoring programme reveals where they still live and where they’ve disappeared. They're reintroducing them to areas where they've died out and are training people to manage woodlands and hedgerows for dormice.


Hedgehogs are declining in the UK at the same rate as tigers globally. With their partners at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, they are finding out why hedgehogs are declining. Through the joint campaign, Hedgehog Street, they are creating hedgehog-friendly neighbourhoods and training managers of public green spaces to be hedgehog-aware.

Water voles

Following the discovery in the 1990s that only a tenth of our water voles remained, many waterways have been restored and populations reintroduced. Now, with a team of experts, and donations from supporters, PTES have launched the first National Water Vole Monitoring Programme to evaluate the success and highlight when water voles are in trouble.

Stag Beetles

Britain's largest land beetle is now also sadly one of the rarest. PTES national surveys help keep an eye on numbers and give the best advice on saving them together with protecting their homes in orchards and woodlands.


  • Old orchards are vital homes for nature. PTES have created a virtual advice centre for orchard owners to keep their orchards in tip top condition for wildlife. Certain beetles, such as noble chafers and stag beetles, depend on the dead and decaying wood in orchards and gardens.
  • Wood Pasture and Parkland is home to some of the oldest living trees in the UK, whose value to wildlife is astounding. Their myriad of micro-habitats support some of our most endangered species. PTES are raising awareness about the importance of this diverse and vital habitat.
  • The hedgerows of the UK are invaluable to our wildlife, providing home to many of our native animals and corridors to travel for others. Both of these are important to the maintenance of many species. Many of the species and habitats that they work with depend on hedges.

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