Red Mason Bee Starter Pack

Red Mason Bee Starter Pack

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Due Spring 2019

Red Mason Bees (Osmia Rufa) are safe with children and pets and are hugely beneficial to our gardens and crops as they are excellent pollinators of fruit trees, raspberries, early strawberries and are fond of a range of flowers and tree blossom.

The Red Mason Bee Starter Pack consists of a Red Mason Bee Nest, 15 Red Mason Bee Cocoons and full instructions for siting your nest.
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The cocoons are supplied in a release chamber which can simply be placed in the garden. We recommend that you remove some of the tubes from the nest and insert the release chamber. Placing it within the nest will encourage the bees to return and lay their eggs. By late autumn these eggs will have developed into cocoons and can be stored over winter ready to be placed in the garden next spring - please email us for further information.

Suitable Wildlife Bee

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