Reed Mini Guide: Animals

Reed Mini Guide: Animals

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One of three debut titles in an exciting new series of miniature field guides. This is the ultimate keep-in-your-pocket field guide to the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of Britain and other parts of northern and central Europe. It may be diminutive in size but it punches well above its weight in terms of usefulness, being packed with nearly 200 images of all the species most likely to be encountered. 

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For each of the 90 species accounts there is at least one photograph for identification and a brief written account listing ID features, behaviour, range and habitat. The book covers all the species likely to be encountered, including everything from Adder and Sand Lizard, to Natterjack Toad and Great Crested Newt, to Red Deer, Water Vole, Pine Marten and Harbour Porpoise. The easy-to-use layouts and small size make the book ideal for taking on walks or days out. It is perfect for beginners or wildlife-watchers of an intermediate level, and also for children as a first book on animals.

ISBN 9781925546248
Format Paperback
Language English
Author Marianne Taylor
Page Count 176
Published 2018
Illustrations Colour Photographs

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