The friendly Robin is a favourite in our gardens and will happily join gardeners on a daily basis, even waiting to feed from your hand when trust is gained between you. 

The Robin is a ground feeding bird generally and very territorial for their own patch. They are also known to visit feeding tables or feeding houses with flat surfaces.  A ground blended mix is the best food for Robins which includes fruit in the seed mix.  They also enjoy insects and are very partial to mealworms!  Any fat-based product which has these ingredients will also be enjoyed, so scatter these foods around for them.

Robins prefer to nest within the cover of bushes and shrubs, so check out our half-open nest boxes which are the perfect home for their brood. Learn more about Robins with our Robin Fact File.

Below and you will find a range of products that are perfectly suited to the Robin. Ranging from food, feeders and habitats, choose your combination and make your garden a home from home for nature.

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  1. Peanut Cake Tube Gourmet Robin (500ml)
    £3.99 As low as £2.99
  2. Premium Peanut Butter for Robins
  3. Peanut Cake Square Gourmet Robin
    £2.79 As low as £1.99
  4. Robin Blend

    from £5.49

  5. National Trust Robin & Wren Nest Box
  6. National Trust Birch Log Nest Box Open
  7. National Trust Gourmet Robin Blend

    from £3.99

  8. National Trust Hanging Bird Feeding Table
  9. Suet Pellets with Insects

    from £4.49

  10. Premium Table Bird Seed Mix

    from £7.99

  11. Box of 50 Eco fat balls with insects
  12. National Trust Ground Bird Feeding Table
  13. Hi-Energy Ground Blend

    from £12.99

  14. Adamello Recycled Ground Feeding Table
    £39.99 £49.99
  15. Premium Whole Sunflower Hearts

    from £3.79

  16. Stockholm Open Nest Box
    Out of stock
  17. Bird Lounge - Single
    £3.99 As low as £3.49
    Out of stock
  18. Fat Balls - Original
    £2.19 As low as £1.80
    Out of stock
  19. Hanging Feeder Table
    Out of stock
  20. Giant Fat Ball on a Rope - Original
    £2.99 As low as £2.59
    Out of stock
  21. Levanne Recycled Ground Feeding Table
    Out of stock