RSPCA, Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre

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In 2011 we embarked on a project with the RSPCA Wildlife Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire, to redevelop their Education Centre. The facility had been lying dormant for 9 years due to a lack of available funding and donations made by our customers have enabled a remarkable transformation.

The Centre, which re-opened in October 2012, now has both indoor and outdoor classrooms. It also has an extensive, easy access, wildlife garden encompassing a variety of different habitats and offers unique insight into the wildlife hospital and the rehabilitation process of orphaned and injured animals.

Working together with RSPCA and co-contributors WildAid, our wildlife experts have assisted in developing a practical outdoor space that allows groups of children to learn about wildlife habitats by seeing them first-hand. In addition many of our staff armed themselves with spades and heavy duty gloves and helped with the construction of the garden.

We have pledged our continued support of the Wildlife Centre ensuring visitors understand how they can make a difference to the wildlife around them. This project would not have been possible without donations from our customers so thank you to all who contributed. You can continue to make donations to RSPCA and other wildlife charities, to help towards vital work such as this, during the order checkout process.

You can also make food donations to help care for the sick and injured animals and birds currently in the Wildlife Centre, via our website

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  • RSPCA, Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre
  • RSPCA, Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre
  • RSPCA, Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre