The Red Squirrel Survival Trust

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The Red Squirrel Survival Trust is a national charity established to ensure the conservation and protection of the Red Squirrel in the UK.

They aim to:

  • Protect red squirrels by keeping reds and greys apart.
  • Assist the winning reds in areas where red squirrel population numbers have stabilised or are increasing.
  • Establish new red colonies across the UK wherever feasible.
  • Fund research on how to secure the red squirrel’s long-term future.
  • Raise awareness of the plight of reds in the UK.

The RSST support regional activities across the UK such as Northern England, Anglesey, Scotland and Cornwall to protect red squirrels throughout the country. One example of the great work that has been supported by the charity can be seen in Anglesey, where in 1997 the red squirrel population was close to extinction and fewer than 40 adults remained. Seventeen years later and the population has increased to over 600 with red squirrels now a common sight in coniferous woodland, broadleaved stands, parks and gardens. In 2010 red squirrels crossed the Menai Straits and re-colonised several Gwynedd woodlands. A project in Gwynedd –“Painting the Town Red” is now underway to protect these pioneering reds.

Anglesey is now home to the largest single population of red squirrels in Wales. A dynamic partnership between landowners, community groups and local volunteers is working to improve woodland habitats, erect nest boxes, provide supplemental feeding and monitor populations.

Friends of the RSST

Because RSST receives no government money they rely on the backing of ‘Friends’ to enable them to long-term plans.

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