Sand Martin Nest Box

Sand Martin Nest Box

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Many natural nest sites have been lost as a result of human activity, naturally leading to fewer birds being seen. Almost everyone has at least one nest box in their garden to help birds such as Blue tits and Great Tits by providing the nest sites that would naturally be found in old, hollow trees.

Helping birds such as Sand Martins is more of a challenge, as they naturally excavate tunnels in soft sand beside rivers or lakes, with a nesting chamber at the far end. Sand Martins tend to suffer during wet summers as waterside nests are often flooded or destroyed by erosion. This is why Vivara Pro has worked with specialists to design the Sand Martin Nest Box.

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The nest box is ideal for use in artificial banks or cliffs, with walk-in access for cleaning the nest boxes or monitoring the breeding success of the birds for scientific research. Nest boxes are supported on internal battens with only the front of the box visible externally, creating the impression of a natural site. The Sand Martin bank is sited right on the shore and in the tests conducted by our specialists over 80% were used immediately, with many boxes being used for second broods. An artificial Sand Martin bank is also ideal for use in sand quarries where it can provide a safe refuge for the birds away from the working face and be used to show visitors the quarry’s commitment to nature conservation.

Our Sand Martin Nest Boxes are made of Ecoplate, a durable board made from recycled car seats, and lined with WoodStone®, a breathable mix of sustainably sourced wood fibres and concrete. These materials guarantee excellent breeding results combined with extreme longevity.

Colour Grey
Hole Size Specific
Width 15cm
Height 15cm
Length 57cm
Weight 8kg
Material Eco, Woodstone
Suitable Bird Type Sand Martin

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